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    The government did it as the normal people who invest in to the share markets,

    do not bring escrow money. Most of the time, they invest with their precious saving, liquidated money from any valuable asset or from investment loans.


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The facts about financial brokers

The financial brokers are the real role player to run the markets. It is they who actually keep the market mobilized. To direct the rush of clients to market, the brokers contribute the most. In most cases, normal people who do not have many ideas about trading and stock exchanges do not get the courage to enter into the market. It is the broker with whom, the normal people gets into the markets and gets involved in to trading sector. It is the small scale business investments and share markets, through which the economy of the country is still standing out. The stock markets and other financial sectors are standing by the ordinary people's investment in it. It is the financial brokers who bring these people's investment to the market or cash approved now with lenders online for money in urgency . So, it can be said that it is the financial brokers who contributes the most to keep the economy stand still.

Who are the financial brokers?

Though the "wolf in wall street" has changed people's mind, now by financial brokers all tries to mean the character "Jordan Belfort". Now, it can be said that in every business sector, in every part of life, there is a villainous role and persons who thinks about making mischiefs. The real financial brokers are no nowhere near to that. The rules and regulations of the stock markets have been changed. The federal government has provided a lot of acts, and the stock brokers are bound to follow the acts. The share markets have become the safest place for investing for the normal people and that too with the help of the financial brokers.

Now, if these people get cheated in the share market or tastes financial loss on purpose, then it is not the market which gets affected, but it surely ruins those person's life. That is why the government made an act on 1940 to provide rules and regulations in the share market. This act restricts both the stock sellers and buyers to take high risks and also restricts the brokers to convince their clients in taking high risk and bounds them to stay in a limit. To become a broker, you need appear in examinations and get the license to become a broker. So, the financial brokers are full proof, blue collar professionals now.

By academic definition, a broker is the person or an individual who arranges deal between the buyer and seller. They do it in exchange of a commission. They help to execute a deal between the buyers and sellers. They are also called as agents in the market. In big financial deals, there are a lot of things and financial issues involved. You need to prepare the documents, you need to contact with the other parties, and then you need to make the profiles of the eligible parties to find out the best party to deal with. Also, there are legal authorization required and a lot of things. For any ordinary person, it is a huge paper work and an issue of huge time and effort. That is why, when anyone makes a big financial deal, he or she calls upon a financial broker and then the broker works on behalf of him or her with the exchange of commission amount. In the financial deals, it is the broker who acts as the buyer or the sellers and presents his or her party in the deal. The broker while selling or buying in a deal becomes the principal party on behalf of his or her clients.

The financial brokers have some special features which distinguish them from other selling agents. Let's get to know these special features:

Brokers are Independent:

The financial brokers who help to execute deals are independent workers. In other words you can call them as free lancers. There is bound between that whether the brokers would sell or buying things on behalf of the clients. They can stand from any side of the both parties, in exchange of the commission. There is no target for the brokers to fulfill; there is no bound timeline for the brokers to stay in the market. With the license they can come to the market anytime and then also withdraw themselves from the market anytime. They can totally deal with their freedom. That is why the financial agents of the markets are completely independent souls. That is why they can show up the most uniqueness and creativity in arranging a deal. You would find many brokers associated with organizations, helping them in making deals, but they are never employed by them. They just work with that organization with the exchange of a commission.

A facilitator in a deal:

The prime responsibility of a broker is to facilitate in a deal. The brokers is the mid working agents who brings the buying and selling party in to the market and helps them making a deal. Imagine you are looking for a house. Now, you cannot go door to door, roam around in the street and look for the desired house you want. Because, you have jobs to attend, give time to your family and you have a life that is in rush. So, you would look for a person who would do the job for you. When you call the real estate brokers, you would tell them the preferences you look for your house, preferred area and budget. The rest of the work would be done by them. The same thing happens when you step in to the market for selling houses.

you want. In such cases, you call upon the real estate brokers and they help you to find a buyer. In both cases, there is a broker who is facilitating to make the deal between the buyer and the seller. That is why; the brokers are called as the deal facilitators.

In the market, the brokers mostly represent the sellers of the market. At least in 90% of deals a seller takes the help of a broker to make a deal. On the other hand, the buyers use the brokers a little less than the frequency of sellers using a broker to make a deal. Comparatively, a buyer using a broker to buy a deal is highest 10% of all the deals taking place in the market. A broker can represent any side, like the buyers' sides or the sellers' side, but they would never ever represent the both sides.

Providing market information and deal consultancy:

The brokers are not only the person who would assist you in making a deal. He or she would also help you to get you the real time information about the market. No matter what kind of financial deals are being made by you, you need information to get in to the deal before that. You cannot just jump in to the market out of the blue. The brokers will help you with relevant information in the current market and thus they help to get the finest deal for their clients.

You would be able to get information like the price of the products in the market, the market conditions as well as other information as well. As they are staging deals for a long time now, they know better about which deals are better and which are not. When you go for a deal, which is undervalued, the brokers can help you in sorting out the good deals and help you making a final decision about the deal.

You can get any information about the market like the prices of the goods, the product qualities, the condition of the market, the demand of any product in the market etc. these kind of information are very important for you to understand about a deal and valuing the worth of the deal. Even if you do not understand the value of the deals, the brokers would help you by showing the risks and tolerance as well and find out the best business deals for you.


Real Estate Brokers
The real estate brokers are the person who takes it as a job and they would do the work for you in exchange of some commissions.

Sometimes they would also help you by consultation you about the deals.

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